Standards & Legislation

Our regulatory environment.


As a company committed to fairness and ethical collection, we adhere strictly to the codes of practice and legislative provisions which apply to all Enforcement Agents.

Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement (TCE) Act 2007

The Act provides a new statutory code in relation to taking control of goods in order to sell them to enforce payment of debts. The following Extract, Part 3 of the Act, details the procedure for Taking Control of Goods; the authorisation of Enforcement Agents and the abolition of the common law right to distrain for rent arrears.

TCE Act Part 3.pdf

Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement (TCE) Act 2007, Schedule 12

This schedule sets out the detailed process for taking control of goods. The schedule is supported by further detailed regulations.

TCE Act Schedule 12.pdf

Crime and Courts Act 2013

This Act contains amendments to the TCE, principally in respect to the Powers of Entry that are available to Enforcement Agents.

Crimes and Courts Act p2s25.pdf

The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013

These regulations provide detailed procedures to supplement the TCE provisions.

Taking Control of Goods Regulations.pdf

The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014

This regulation details the fees and disbursements that may be recovered from debtors by Enforcement Agents.

Taking Control of Goods Fees Regulations.pdf

The Certification of Enforcement Agents Regulations 2014

This regulation introduces provisions governing the Certification of Enforcement Agents.

Certification of Enforcement Agents Regulations.pdf

Civil Procedure Rules – Part 84 & Part 85

The CPR contains detailed rules in relation to enforcement by taking control of goods, in particular in regard to applications by an Enforcement Agent under the TCE and regulations and in regard to claims on controlled goods.

Civil Procedure Rules 84 85.pdf

The Courts Act 2003

This extract from the Act created High Court Enforcement Officers and details the legislation, supported by regulations, covering their appointment, conduct and powers.

Courts Act Schedule 7.pdf

The High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004

This regulation provides detailed provisions covering the appointment, qualifications and fees that may be charged by enforcement officers. This regulation was amended when the TCE came into force.

High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations.pdf

Taking Control of Goods: National Standards

Published by the Ministry of Justice, these standards set out the minimum ethical and professional behaviours expected from Enforcement Agents.

MoJ National Standards.pdf

CIVEA Code of Conduct and Good Practice Guide

The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) Code of Conduct provides enforcement agents with guidance as to good practice and procedure in carrying out their duties.

CIVEA Code of Conduct.pdf